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E Foods is a wholesale produce supplier based out of Central Florida. We have been providing services to other wholesalers, retailers (of various sizes) and distributors for more than 40 years. From quality produce to prompt delivery, we aim to continue our long tradition of fulfilling our customer’s needs, ensuring each order exceeds industry standards.

Our Services



Inspecting produce at shipping points, attains positive results for the buyer and seller. E Foods staff is trained to inspect crops in the field and at the packing house, to assure delivery of quality products.


Transportation & Logistics

Our E Foods staff is very experienced in handling all forms of transportation logistics, including highways, railways, air, and sea.


Whether shipping to Canada, or the Caribbean, E Foods ships straight and mixed loads weekly. We have relationships with ports extending from the Midwest throughout the entire east coast.

Raising the Standard in Wholesale Produce Sales & Distribution

Competition may breed innovation and distinctiveness, but experience creates success.

With more than 40 years of wholesale produce sales and distribution, it’s our experience and high standards that have separated us from the others in the industry.

Because produce lifespans and seasonal availability can be short, it’s critical for inspections, packaging, and distribution to be managed with expertise.

Call us at E Foods! Our experience in monitoring and evaluating market conditions will result in strategies and recommendations for our partners that will minimize loss and maximize profits.

Partnership Metrics

  • Reduction in Farm to Market Delivery Time 57%
  • Increase in End-Stage Produce Lifespan 34%
  • Increase in Partner Profits 28%

40+ Years of Sales & Distribution

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Member of the United Fresh Produce Association

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