About E Foods

E Foods has provided all necessary services to assure distribution of its specialty, Tomatoes, but any fresh U.S. grown produce, to buyers throughout North American and in many other parts of the world. E Foods customers gain competitive advantages through these services.


Inspecting produce at shipping point attains tremendous positive results. Before a costly investment in time and transportation costs. E Foods staff is technically trained to inspect crops in the field and at the packing house, to assure delivery of only the finest quality products.


Brokerage is another E Foods service, used to represent grower-shippers as well as receivers. E Foods is a licensed broker and has offered brokerage services throughout its history.


Whether shipping to Canada, the Caribbean, or Europe, E foods lends the greatest service in distributing straight and mixed loads. Ports from the Midwest through out the entire east coast.


E Foods staff is experienced in handling all transportation logistics, including the highways, railways, air, and sea, for shipping across the United States or Oceans!